Pennellata 2

Too late: the Nanny has already come into the kitchen.

"This is a disaster!" she exclaims. "Give me those markers at once!"

Nanny approaches, but a noise at the window distracts her.

"What's happening out there?"
The two children smile: it's the Macchiopardo, who comes in to help them!

...To be continued





"This is a disaster!" tBosco 3he Nanny, entering the garage, screams at her. "I'll have to wipe off that horrible stain immediately!"

But Macchiopardo does not think so: as soon as he sniffs the spot, he starts meowing happily.

The two children smile: their cat is again being transformed into a champion of the spots!

"This is not just a spot. It's a Formachietta! Are you ready for a new adventure? " the cat asks. "Yesss!" they reply.

The Macchiopardo wraps his long tail around them, and lets them sit on his back ... and then shoots off fast as a rocket!

...To be continued



Ricetta 2"Oops ... I've made a spot!" says the girl.

"This is a real disaster!" exclaims the Nanny, entering the kitchen.

No-one can ever relax with you two around!"
Mum and the Nanny go to get a cloth to clean it up.

Meanwhile, Macchiopardo (o Spot??) falls from his chair and begins to sniff the stain, wagging his tail happily.

Then he turns to the children, "This is not just a spot. It's a Formacchietta!

Are you ready for a new adventure? "He asks. Willy and Nilly shout out together: "Yesss!"

…To be continued