Willy PittoreWilly, has a kind and friendly face, with his soft hair, thick and curly, like cotton wool. He is blonde and handsome, tall as a beanstalk. He has big green eyes, ready to open wide every time he sees something that he likes.

For example, his beloved, inseparable trainers, his orange "All Stars", always sparkling clean and tightly laced up.

His favorite sweatshirt is blue and has a hood, which, if he needs to, he can lift up to hide away a little.

He has a light sprinkling of freckles on his nose and cheeks that seem to swell up a bit when he is embarrassed.

Something which happens a lot more often than he would like.

He has a shy and dreamy character, always thinking before saying anything. He is a sensible boy, with a big heart, always caring for others.

He is not a great talker and is a little bit of a coward, but when his friend Nilly is in danger, and that is most of the time because she has a real talent for getting into trouble, there is no shyness that holds him back! Willy always shows unexpected courage and runs to help her out.