Tati Pen

The Nanny (the nickname given to her by Willy) often comes to Willy's home as a baby-sitter for the two children. And for the little girl, it is every time a struggle. In fact, she is the fussiest, tidiest woman that we've ever seen on earth, a fierce enemy of any kind of dirt.

She wears her hair in a neat bun, with her clothes well ironed and perfumed. She prefers starched blouses and simple long skirts right down to the calf

Her shoes are shiny, like the lenses of her round-rimmed glasses, behind which her stern gaze hunts out anything out of place to be promptly dealt with.
She is meticulous and has a rule for everything and, needless to say, she detests the spots. For this reason, she works round the house, armed with cleaning cloths, to wipe away all the traces of dirt she encounters.


When Willy and Nilly remain with her, they don't have any fun at all, because the old woman spends all her time keeping them in order: "Be careful here, be careful there," she says continually, before concluding: "In my life, I have never regretted being overcautious."

But, thanks to the help of Macchiopardo, even the Nanny can be put out of action, at least for the time of an adventure!