Nilly MacchiopardoNilly, has a cute but mischievous face, and a helmet of chestnut hair, pulled back into a high ponytail, with a hint of a fringe across her broad forehead, all fitting with her carefree character.
She has slit eyes, a bit stretched, green, vibrant and bright. Physically, she is pretty, but not too prissy.

In her dress she has a style all of her own, always very colourful, starting from her yellow dancer's shoes..

She is a very lively character, a little bit cocky. She likes to follow her instincts, she acts on impulse and only worries later about the consequences of her actions.

She is a free spirit, a lover of adventure, and tends to see mysteries everywhere. Her standard phrase, always pronounced with the utmost seriousness, is: "I am very brave in times of danger."

What she just can not stand are bullies. Sometimes she gets very angry and that means trouble for everyone around her. Fortunately, it only takes a little to make her smile again (like a giant triple flavour ice cream cone!)

Her bad mood passes and a dynamic new idea soon springs up in her restless little mind.