Nilly MacchiopardoNilly, has a cute but mischievous face, and a helmet of chestnut hair, pulled back into a high ponytail, with a hint of a fringe across her broad forehead, all fitting with her carefree character.
She has slit eyes, a bit stretched, green, vibrant and bright. Physically, she is pretty, but not too prissy.

In her dress she has a style all of her own, always very colourful, starting from her yellow dancer's shoes..

Willy PittoreWilly, has a kind and friendly face, with his soft hair, thick and curly, like cotton wool. He is blonde and handsome, tall as a beanstalk. He has big green eyes, ready to open wide every time he sees something that he likes.

For example, his beloved, inseparable trainers, his orange "All Stars", always sparkling clean and tightly laced up.

His favorite sweatshirt is blue and has a hood, which, if he needs to, he can lift up to hide away a little.

He has a light sprinkling of freckles on his nose and cheeks that seem to swell up a bit when he is embarrassed.

Macchiopardo OrizSpot is the faithful house cat. He has a thick and soft fur, yellow as the sun, and a kind and friendly face, with two big emerald green eyes and orange stripes on the sides, which even go round his ears and extend to the tip of his big fat tail. Spot is able to hear the sound and sense the smell of a spot a mile away.

At that moment the quiet domestic cat turns into a fantastic creature, the Macchiopardo, able to reach the spot in a flash and dive into as if it were a portal into a new world to explore.

He has two large green eyes, that change colour depending on the nature of the spot that he has sensed, and four long legs, fast as lightning and he has a tail, always ready to party, and two long ears, always alert, which crash against his head when he is racing and stand up on end like radar detectors to pick up the sound of the spots.

Tati Pen

The Nanny (the nickname given to her by Willy) often comes to Willy's home as a baby-sitter for the two children. And for the little girl, it is every time a struggle. In fact, she is the fussiest, tidiest woman that we've ever seen on earth, a fierce enemy of any kind of dirt.

She wears her hair in a neat bun, with her clothes well ironed and perfumed. She prefers starched blouses and simple long skirts right down to the calf

Her shoes are shiny, like the lenses of her round-rimmed glasses, behind which her stern gaze hunts out anything out of place to be promptly dealt with.
She is meticulous and has a rule for everything and, needless to say, she detests the spots. For this reason, she works round the house, armed with cleaning cloths, to wipe away all the traces of dirt she encounters.